Pet Door Show’s top independent & underplayed Bandcamp picks for October 2023

Hannah Werdmuller
6 min readOct 7, 2023


It’s Bandcamp Friday!! That means that every cent that you pay for music on Bandcamp today goes directly to the artist! Now that’s what I call a good excuse to buy some new music!

On the Pet Door Show (my radio show airing Thursdays, 2–4pm Pacific / 5–7pm Eastern / 10pm-12am UK on Shady Pines Radio), I exclusively play tracks that I love that were released in the past year by artists with under 5,000 instagram followers, and often the artists have far fewer than that. The result is a really unique show that highlights some incredible independent artists that don’t really get a whole lot of airplay anywhere else. Frequently, the Pet Door Show has the honor of playing a band on the radio for the first time ever.

To help you out, here (arranged alphabetically by full name, with social and purchase links) are the Pet Door Show’s top independent and underplayed Bandcamp picks for this month. This list has all of the most awesome hidden gems that I’ve played on the Pet Door Show since the last time I made one of these lists, ALL by artists with under 2,000 instagram followers. There’s bound to be a lot of music on this list that you’ve never heard before. Let me know what your favorites are!

Now go spend money!


Ajaya Jonestanuki change
2-track released June 13, 2023.
Favorite track: anime bih
Oakland, CA. Hip hop.

Animales de PoderLa asombrosa
Single released July 11, 2023.
Montevideo, Uruguay. Folk.

Ari ÁrelíusHiatus Terræ
Album released April 24, 2023.
Favorite track: Skepna
Reykjavik, Iceland. Psychedelic electrojazz.

Single released July 26, 2023.
Chicago, IL. Indie folk.

AureThe Line
Single released May 17, 2023, on Mayway Records.
Paris, France. Folk.


Album released August 18, 2023, on bud tapes.
Favorite track: Still From Sinking
Portland, OR. Indie.

banríondare to crush
EP released February 1, 2023.
Favorite track: departure party
Dublin, Ireland.

Berta BigtoeDay of Hate!
EP released February 25, 2023.
Favorite track: Shempie’s Deli
Chicago, IL. Indie freak folk.

BiseladEl Vivo Ritmo Vol. 2
Album released July 14, 2023.
Favorite track: Batir Palmas
Bogotá, Colombia. Latin rock.


Single released February 4, 2023.
Portland, OR. Pop psicodélica.

Colectivo WaykichaPrimavera
Single released September 23, 2022.
Lima, Peru. Andean folk.


Dick DudleyDog Park
EP released November 10, 2022.
Favorite track: Dog Park
Cadi, Australia. Post punk.

DirtBike Snug Harbour
EP released July 6, 2023.
Favorite track: Piece of Paper
Boynton Beach, FL. Indie tropicalia.

Display HomesWhat If You’re Right & They’re Wrong?
Album released April 27, 2023.
Favorite track: CCTV
Cadi, Australia. Post punk.


East Witch WestBeach Hair
Single released August 17, 2023.
Boise, ID. Indie dream pop.


Flanger KidsA-side
EP released April 21, 2023, on Move Gently Records.
Favorite track: Bitter
Budapest, Hungary. Indietronica.


Gata GalácticaFresco
Single released May 19, 2023.
Portland, OR. Surf psicodélica.

Good WilsonPlenty
Single released May 5, 2023.
Vienna, Austria. Indie alternative.


Juan IrioVida Sentimental
Album released April 21, 2023.
Favorite track: Lo Que Tardes En Vestirte
La Plata, Argentina. Folk rock.


L.T.LeifCome Back to Me, but Lightly
Album released January 27, 2023.
Favorite track: No Birds
Glasgow, Scotland. Indie folk.

Album released May 24, 2023.
Favorite track: Texas Birds
Portland, OR. Folk americana.

Lempi EloHuojuvat puut
Album released April 7, 2023.
Favorite track: Pispala
Helsinki, Finland. Indie folk.

Album released April 14, 2023.
Favorite track: On Your Shoulders
Oslo, Norway. Indie jazz.

Long Island Railroad (Smushie & Ryan Gebhardt) — Long Island Railroad
EP released September 15, 2023.
Favorite track: The Fruit
Minneapolis, MN / Chicago, IL. Indie rock.

Love LanguageIndian Cowboy
EP released March 24, 2023.
Favorite track: Indian Cowboy
Montréal, Canada.


Macho MuchachoLo Mejor Está por Morir
2-track released June 29, 2023.
Favorite track: Cristiano Ronaldo en Terno
Guayaquil, Ecuador. Math rock.

Mangle Rojo* — Mangle Rojo Vol. 2
Compilation album released August 26, 2023.
Favorite track: Nelda Piña** ft. La BOAPalenquero
*Bogotá, Colombia / **Ocala, FL.

Mary Anne’s Polar RigMakes You Wonder
Album released March 24, 2023.
Favorite track: The Way That I’m Feeling
Malmö, Sweden. Alternative rock.

Maxine Funke River Said
Album released April 28, 2023.
Favorite track: Call On You
Ōtepoti, Aotearoa. Folk.

Minor ConflictBright Lights, Dead City
EP released August 18, 2023.
Favorite track: Second-Hand Time
Bristol, England. Alternative rock.

Moecyrus Animal Cruelty
Album released January 28, 2023.
Favorite track: What Dapralumeel?
Chicago, IL. Hip hop.

Monte MeteoroEs lo que hay
Album released August 11, 2023.
Favorite track: No recuerdo escucharte entrar
Monterrey, Mexico. Alternative rock.

Mood BoredMood Bored EP
Album released April 28, 2023.
Favorite track: Ladadee Ladada
Tilburg, Netherlands. Indie.

Moustapha NoumbissiGood Life
Single released October 28, 2022.
Philadelphia, PA. Indie.

Album released June 16, 2023.
Favorite track: Ex
Winnipeg, Canada. Indie alternative.


Nicole YunMatter
Album released April 14, 2023.
Favorite track: Lost Keys
Roanoke, VA. Indie rock.

EP released January 15, 2023.
Favorite track: Telescope
Tilburg, Netherlands. Indie alternative.

Nyamekye Junction — Too Many Bags
Single released February 15, 2023.
Accra, Ghana. Electronic afrobeat.


Precocious NeophyteStony
EP released July 30, 2023.
Favorite track: 산 San
Seoul, South Korea. Shoegaze rock.

The Problem With Kids TodayValidation
Single released October 28, 2022.
New Haven, CT. Punk rock.

The Public Opinion Afro OrchestraNunc Est Bibendum / Shake That Off
2-track released March 2, 2023.
Favorite track: Nunc Est Bibendum
Naarm, Australia. Afrobeat hip hop.


Rob Cave Jr & Thxk_uKnowledge Of The Sun
Album released September 1, 2023.
Favorite track: Inner G Energy
Brooklyn, NY. Hip hop.

Robbie SticklandBug Under Your Heel
Single released April 19, 2023.
Dublin, Ireland. Indie rock.


The Shaolin AfronautsThe Fundamental Nature of Being
Album released September 16, 2022.
Favorite track: Shakedown
Kaurna Yerta, Australia. Afrobeat jazz.

Single released January 23, 2023.
Los Angeles, CA. Hip hop.

Speaker BulliesArt of Disrespect
Album released July 7, 2023, on Soulspazm Digital.
Favorite track: Nobody Better Than (ft. DJ Jon Doe)
Atlanta, GA. Hip hop.

Staff PartySolo
Single released September 22, 2022.
Cork, Ireland. Disco rock.

starrducc starrducc
EP released June 2, 2023.
Favorite track: tempat ternyaman
Bogor, Indonesia. Indie pop.

Surface to Air MissiveShadows Leap
Album released October 29, 2022.
Favorite track: Shadows Leap
Tallahassee, FL. Indie.


TamTamSlumber Picture
Album released March 17, 2023.
Favorite track: Lion Cubs
Tallinn, Estonia. Indie folk jazz.

TingeBig Deep Sigh
Album released March 3, 2023.
Favorite track: Big Crush
Lake of the Woods, Canada. Indie rock.

Tossing SeedWhen You Come Around
EP released August 31, 2023, on SmallAnimalsRecords.
Favorite track: When You Come Around
Magelang, Indonesia. Indie rock.

Trak TrakFlexible
Album released June 30, 2023.
Favorite track: La Bulla
Nuremberg, Germany.


unikko ijonang makita kang muli
Album released July 28, 2023.
Favorite track: nang makita kang muli
Manila, Philippines. Bedroom pop.

EP released August 4, 2023.
Favorite track: Working Man!
Wexford, Ireland. Rock.


El ValeriePan-American Pop
Album released April 21, 2023.
Favorite track: Cupid and Psyche
Providence, RI. Bedroom pop.


Whose RulesHasler
Album released February 22, 2023.
Favorite track: Excuses
Oslo, Norway.


Yacouba SissokoDuwa Wu, Blessing
Album released May 19, 2023.
Favorite track: Faso Bara
New York City, NY. Folk afrobeat.


Z the StrangerPink Shrimp Deluxe
Album released February 28, 2023.
Favorite track: Trans Mission
Rockland, MA. Alternative hip hop.

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