PetDoorVision Song Contest 2022: An independent, underplayed alternative to Eurovision

Hannah Werdmuller
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I love the Eurovision Song Contest. I love how over-the-top it is, the sparkly costumes, the contorted performances, the showy staging that just screams, “I bet nobody’s done this before!” It’s not just pyrotechnics and fancy dresses, it’s human hamster wheels, performers swaying atop big bendy poles and riding mirrored cannons, babushki with trays of food, gorilla suits, sadomasochistic torture cages, and so much more. Eurovision has also become a kind of continental Pride party, beloved for its inclusion of LGBTQ+ contestants and hosts, with its first song performance by a gay contestant in 1961 (Jean-Claude Pascal representing Luxembourg with the song Nous les amoureux) a veiled message about the difficulties faced by people in same-sex relationships at that time, and its first song performance by an openly transgender contestant (Dana International representing Israel with the song Diva) winning the competition in 1998. I love that every year a little piece of the world comes together and shares a bit of themselves, their languages, their popular movements, their customs, attire, and instruments, in the common enjoyment of this camp, silly, fabulous shared experience. I even love the hours and hours of blatantly partisan voting at the end!

The one thing that I personally do not love about Eurovision, however, is the actual music. That is not to say that I don’t recognize that some iconic artists have competed in Eurovision, such as Abba, Celine Dion, Julio Iglesias, and Lordi. It also doesn’t mean that I haven’t played on repeat Urban Symphony’s Randajäd (Estonia 2009), Lena’s Satellite (Germany 2010), or Domenico Modugno’s Nel blu dipinto di blu (Italy 1958). But, on the whole, Eurovision songs lately follow a pretty narrow track of exhaustively produced pop, with the odd melodic metal song thrown in on occasion. Increasingly, the songs are performed in English instead of a language of the represented country, and traditional instruments are becoming sadly rare. I want more musical variety!

Since I specialize in sharing independent and underplayed music of all genres and styles on my radio show the Pet Door Show on Shady Pines Radio (Thursdays, 2–4pm PT / 5–7pm ET / 11pm-1am CET), I know that there is so much more musical variety out there in the world. And so, on this Thursday’s show I presented a special unofficial alternative to Eurovision: The PetDoorVision Song Contest, sharing a cross-genre selection of some of my personal favorites from Eurovision nations. Sadly it would take more than 2 hours to share a track by every nation so I had to whittle my selection down for the show, but I still want to share the whole list with you!

So here it is! My top pick from every single Eurovision-eligible competing nation, arranged alphabetically by nation. As always on the Pet Door Show, all tracks are also by independent and underplayed artists with fewer than 5,000 instagram followers, so you know you’ll find a lot of really great underground music on this list. Is there a Spotify playlist? You bet your buttons there is, but I encourage you to purchase any tracks you particularly like at the links provided below if you have the means. I hope you enjoy listening! Let me know who gets your Douze Points!

PetDoorVision Song Contest 2022 Finalists


JonisaYour Masculinity
From the album Ego (January 7th, 2022).
Synth rock from Tirana, Albania.


Els PaliSeu que no veus
Single released October 7th, 2021.
Rumba jazz from Andorra la Vella, Andorra.


Apo SahagianMusa Loyr Ilum (Մուսա Լոյր Իլում)
From the album Menk (April 1st, 2022).
Folk from an Armenian Jerusalemite artist.

Australia and Morocco

Julian BelbachirSoudani Manayo
From the album Babdoukkala (May 14th, 2022).
Desert blues folk by a Moroccan-Australian artist from Sydney, Australia.


Liz MettaFragile & Strong
From the album Fragile & Strong (March 31st, 2022).
Indie rock from Vienna, Austria.


Aintnolie Hǝyat Qruz, Pt. 3
From the album Hǝyat Qruz (April 23rd, 2021).
Hip hop from Baku, Azerbaijan.


Tout Va BienHave You (the island song)
From the album Come a Little Closer (October 23rd, 2021).
Folk pop from Leuven, Belgium.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sunday StoriesKarma
Single released May 10th, 2021.
Soul from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Cool DenИгра На Живот
From the album Тази Земя (October 10th, 2021).
Rock hip hop from Sofia, Bulgaria.


Skotni VragZvučni zid
From the album Skotni Vrag (April 17th, 2022).
Prog rock from Virovitica, Croatia.


Monsieur DoumaniTiritichtas
From the album Pissourin (September 10th, 2021).
Folk jazz funk from Nicosia, Cyprus.


Lenka LichtenbergUtíkej, utíkej člověče — Run, run, you little human
From the album Thieves of Dreams — Zloději snů (May 6th, 2022).
Art folk jazz from Prague, Czechia, now based in Toronto, Canada.


Astrid CordesGood Time
From the EP Hurry Up (May 13th, 2022).
Indie pop from Copenhagen, Denmark.


From the album Viimane suusataja (September 17th, 2021).
Indie folk from Viljandi, Estonia.


Teini-PääSilmät kiinni
From the album Maailma kyllä odottaa (January 20th, 2022).
Indie punk from Helsinki, Finland.


Ottis CoeurDevinez la fin
From the EP Juste Derrière Toi (November 26th, 2021).
Indie rock from Paris, France.


Koma Stark — We Are Yezidi Guys | Emin xortê êzidî
From the album Kelesho: Music of Yezidis from Georgia (June 29th, 2021; Antonovka Records).
Folk from Tbilisi, Georgia.


Belitzki.Tourism 4.0
From the album In Kreisen (July 30th, 2021).
Post punk from Cologne, Germany.


Dury DavaIlektrosok (Ηλεκτροσόκ)
From the EP Deluxe (April 29th, 2022).
Psych rock from Athens, Greece.


Barkóczi Noémi Zugló
From the album Dolgom volt (September 22nd, 2021).
Indie rock from Budapest, Hungary.


Sucks to be you NigelTína blóm
From the album Tína blóm (November 12th, 2021).
Punk from Reykjavik, Iceland.


Caleb KunleAll in Your Head
Single released May 4th, 2022.
Soul pop from Laois, Ireland.


Jowan SafadiThe Crime (الجريمة)
Single released April 4th, 2022.
Hip hop from Haifa, Israel-occupied Palestine.


sonosemLa mia signorina — Live in studio
From the album Da così lontano (March 24th, 2022; Bunya Records).
Indie soul from Celle Ligure, Italy.


Single released January 12th, 2022.
Hip hop from Riga, Latvia.


shishiI Cannot Believe
Single released May 11th, 2022.
Indie pop from Vilnius, Lithuania.


Francis of DeliriumThe Funhouse
From the album The Funhouse (April 27th, 2022).
Indie rock from Luxembourg.


JOONWatch The Sky
From the album Dream Again (July 16th, 2021).
Electronica from Valletta, Malta.


DandiesSea Side Rumble
From the album Rockin’ Days and Rollin’ Nights (April 12th, 2022).
Swing rock ’n’ roll from Chișinău, Moldova.


HAHQuartre-quart au thon
From the album Chimaera Monstrosa (April 22nd, 2021).
Experimental metal from Monaco.


Selferadication Dpt, Roman Gribov, FLOOR IS LAVA, Kiruza, Feyruz, Mariia Livandovskaja, Dzinko, Zmey Andrey — Military Monarchy
Single released May 9th, 2022 (Begemotion Records / FIL Records).
Punk from Bečići / Budva, Montenegro.


POMEarth Sick
Single released May 6th, 2022.
Indie post punk from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

North Macedonia

Basement CultVo Mojot Son
From the album Basement Cult #1 (July 7th, 2021).
Rock from Skopje, North Macedonia.


Sliteneliten6-timers arbeidsdag
Single released May 1st, 2022.
Indie folk pop from Oslo, Norway.


Warszawskie Combo Taneczne & Kapela Zdzisława Kwapińskiego — Polka z Mokotowa
From the album Skarałeś Mnie Boże (May 21st, 2021).
Polka folk from Warsaw, Poland.


chicaBrincar com o Cão — Arranjo em banda
From the EP Cada Qual no seu Buraco (May 6th, 2022).
Indie folk from Lisbon, Portugal.


The Kryptonite Sparks — Dacă Vii Azi
Single released August 24th, 2021.
Indie from Bucharest, Romania.

San Marino

Hybrid PracticeReclaim the Throne
From the album Violent Ordeal (May 7th, 2022).
Heavy metal from San Marino.


Obojeni ProgramKuda ovaj čovek ide
From the EP 2021 = 41 (May 7, 2021).
Post punk from Novi Sad, Serbia.


FS HornádĽubko
From the album Veci čo sa dejú (January 7th, 2021).
Polka folk from Košice, Slovakia.


Batista CadillacMagnolije
From the album Batista Cadillac (May 9th, 2022).
Soul from Ljubljana, Slovenia.


The OddballsShort Trip
From the album Tales of Error (May 19th, 2022).
Rockabilly punk from Málaga, Spain.


Alba JamesWalls
Single released May 5th, 2022.
Folk from Värmland, Sweden.


Evita KonéEnd Game
From the EP Break (May 13th, 2022)
R&B hip hop from Geneva, Switzerland.


Dilay DalPerdeler
Single released December 3rd, 2021.
Indie from Istanbul, Turkey.


PostmanПеребути день
From the album Змінилось багато. Змінилось нічого (December 10th, 2021).
Indie folk soul from Kyiv, Ukraine / Wrocław, Poland.

United Kingdom

Folly GroupI Raise You (The Price of Your Head)
From the EP Human and Kind (March 25th, 2022).
Post punk from London, England.

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