Pet Door Show’s up-and-coming artists you should know in 2024

Hannah Werdmuller
16 min readJan 2, 2024


On my radio show the Pet Door Show (Thursdays, 2–4pm Pacific / 5–7pm Eastern / 10pm-12am GMT on Shady Pines Radio), I make it my job to find the best new music by independent and underplayed artists of all genres and geographies, all with under 5,000 instagram followers. Even as a teenager, I got sick of hearing the same songs played on the radio again and again, invariably by artists supported by the privileges of generational wealth and massive labels. As an independent musician posting mp3s on my website when I was 13 years old, I knew that there was a whole world of underplayed independent music out there so I would trawl the web for lesser known artists, sharing my favorites for others to check out. What I have learned is that great music is not created by big labels and celebrity, and that if you look beyond the mainstream you will find a beautiful world of blurred genres, piercing insight into personhood and politics, releases borne of community collaboration, and incredible skill and vision. I am so grateful to have the Pet Door Show as an outlet to share my best finds with you!

I have had the joy of playing over 4,000 tracks on the Pet Door Show in the few years that I have been hosting it, every single one of which I have loved. I’ve been thrilled to see many of the artists that I’ve played on the show (back when they had fewer than 5,000 instagram followers) go on to receive the wider recognition that they so deserve, including hip hop artist LaRussell (now with over 1 million followers!), Latin GRAMMY winner Mireya Ramos, six-time award winners at the South Australian Music Awards Teenage Joans, IBMA Fiddle Player of The Year Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, MOBO Awards Best Jazz Act Zara McFarlane, IFMA Song of the Year winner Crys Matthrews, rock band Wednesday (now signed to Dead Oceans, whose roster includes Phoebe Bridgers and Mitski), Flamy Grant (the first ever drag artist to top the iTunes Christian music chart and one of the Pet Door Show Best of 2022), Tiny Desk Concert winners Alisa Amador (2022) and Little Moon (2023), and many others.

Although I exclusively play independent and underplayed artists without huge followings, my hope is that all of the artists I play achieve massive success, so when I see them starting to blow up, I want to celebrate. So, below you will find a list of the Pet Door Show’s up-and-coming artists you should know in 2024, arranged alphabetically by band/artist full name. This list is a celebration of all the artists that have been working hard and gaining much-deserved recognition this year and have crossed over that 5,000-follower threshold, I believe destined for great things. There is also a Spotify playlist (you’ll have to open it to play all 156 tracks arranged alphabetically by full name as below, I recommend playing on shuffle), but please support the artists by purchasing their music the links provided.

Please enjoy the Pet Door Show’s up-and-coming artists you should know in 2024! If you like this list, check out the Pet Door Show Best of 2023, and last year’s list the Pet Door Show’s up-and-coming artists you should know in 2023. Let me know your favorites!


24/7 Diva Heaven
Favorite track: Everything Sucks, from the album Stress, released March 19, 2021.
Berlin, Germany. Punk.

Favorite track: No Soy Perfectx, from the album El Colegio Me Volvió Un Mono, released June 22, 2023.
Arequipa, Peru. Indie punk.


Adiós Amores
Favorite track: Mentira, from the 2-track Charlotte / Mentira, released November 12, 2020.
Sevilla, Spain. Indie pop.

The Adoni
Favorite track: Sofia Richie (ft. Spilly Cave, Pro-Lific), from the album Too Many Vices, released April 6, 2023.
New Orleans, LA. Hip hop.

Alien Nosejob
Favorite track: Weight of the World, from the album Suddenly Everything is Twice As Loud, released Jan 2020.
Woiwurrung Lands, Australia. Punk.

Alison Darwin
Favorite track: Gravedad, from the album Ficción y Realidad, released April 9, 2021.
Barcelona, Spain. Indie rock.

Alma Gov
Favorite track: לא מבינה אותך יותר (דמו), from the album איך האהבה הזאת חומקת בין האצבעות, released May 12, 2023.
Israel. Folk.

Amalie Holt Kleive
Favorite track: Ser du nå, from the album De løper der jeg går, released February 18, 2022.
Bergen, Norway. Indietronica.

Amp Live
Favorite track: Nobody (with Bang Data), single released June 5, 2020.
Los Angeles, CA. Indie pop.

Ana Lua Caiano
Favorite track: Adormeço Sem Dizer Para Onde Vou, from the EP Se Danç​ar É Só Depois, released May 5, 2023.
Lisbon, Portugal. Indietronica.

Analog Dog
Favorite track: Under the Sun, from the album Cat’s Out of the Bag, released October 15, 2020.
San Francisco, CA. Indie pop.

Apollo Flowerchild
Favorite track: The Lights Are Flickering Again!, single released October 19, 2021.
New York City, NY. Indie alternative.

Asha Jefferies
Favorite track: Crybaby, from the EP The Pinnacle, released March 30, 2021.
Meeanjin, Australia. Indie pop.

Ava McCoy
Favorite track: Grow, from the EP Grow, released May 17, 2023.
New York City, NY. Indie americana.

Favorite track: Siente el Amor, from the album Sigo una Luz, released January 21, 2021.
Mexico City, Mexico. Folk.


Favorite track: I’m On Your Team, from the album Light Moving Time, released October 28, 2022 on Double Double Whammy.
Hudson, NY. Indie folk.

Favorite track: Bang Go the Bongos, from the album The True Story of Bananagun, released June 26, 2020.
Naarm, Australia. Psych pop.

Beatrice Deer
Favorite track: Christmas, from the album Shifting, released December 10, 2021.
Montréal, Canada. Indie pop.

Bette Smith
Favorite track: I’m a Sinner, from the album The Good, The Bad and The Bette, released September 25th, 2020.
Brooklyn, NY. Blues rock.

Bonnie Montgomery
Favorite track: Cut My Hair Short, from the album Boat Songs 2002, released February 9, 2021.
Searcy, AR. Folk country.

Favorite track: Komfort Food, from the album Komfort Food, released February 5, 2021.
Denton, TX. Hip hop.

Brad Kolodner
Favorite track: Chirps & Williams, from the album Chimney Swifts, released September 10, 2021.
Baltimore, MD. Bluegrass.

Favorite track: The Theme to Bromham the Musical, from the album The Family That We Made, released May 24, 2020.
Kaurna Yerta, Australia. Indie folk.

The Bug Club
Favorite track: The Fixer*, from the album Pure Particles, released November 12, 2021 on Bingo Records.
Caldicot, Wales. Post punk.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2021!


Cassandra Lewis
Favorite track: Beautiful, from the album Always, All Ways, released August 19, 2022.
Portland, OR. Folk country.

Charlie 3rown
Favorite track: Darkrose, from the 2-track Dark Rose (with Lo Steele), released August 19, 2022.
Portland, OR. R&B soul.

Charlie Smarts
Favorite track: Haters Anonymous, from the album Charlietape (with DJ Ill Digitz), released April 28, 2023.
Brooklyn, NY. Hip hop.

Charlotte Brandi
Favorite track: Frieden, from the EP An Das Angstland, released December 4, 2020.
Berlin, Germany. Indie pop.

Favorite track: Clouds Over My Head, single released January 27, 2020.
Los Angeles, CA. Hip hop.

Favorite track: Liar, from the album Beseech Me, released April 9, 2021.
Naarm, Australia. Punk.

Confío en tus amigos
Favorite track: Favorite track: Paco y ladrón, from the album Rápida Comida, released April 23, 2021 on Gemelo Parásito Records.
Valparaíso, Chile. Garage punk.


Damn Tall Buildings
Favorite track: Podcast, from the album Sleeping Dogs, released September 9, 2022.
Brooklyn, NY. Bluegrass.

Damu the Fudgemunk
Favorite track: Nappy Heads, from the album Moment of Change (with Raw Poetic), released April 10, 2020.
Washington, DC. Hip hop.

Daniel Blumberg
Favorite track: Teethgritter, from the album On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On&On, released July 31, 2020.
London, England. Alternative folk.

Darrell Medellín
Favorite track: Top, from the album Angels & Demos, released February 7, 2020.
Bay Area, CA. Hip hop.

Favorite track: Pretty, from the EP Get Mean, released May 1, 2023.
Nottingham, England. Indie rock.

Dr. View
Favorite track: (W)right Brothers (ft. Jacobi Ryan, Deezy), from the album (IN)visible Man, released June 2020.
Tulsa, OK. Hip hop.


Ellen Winter
Favorite track: My Mind Won’t Let My Heart Be, from the album Every Feeling I’ve Ever Felt, released October 16, 2020.
Brooklyn, NY. Indie pop.

Emily Nenni
Favorite track: In the Mornin’*, from the album On the Ranch, released November 1, 2022.
Nashville, TN. Country.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2021!

Favorite track: Diary of June 9th, from the album Ursgal, released June 25, 2021.
Munich, Germany. Indie jazz.

Favorite track: Coat Tails, from the EP All You Admire, released November 13, 2020.
Toledo, OH. Indie rock.


Fake Fruit
Favorite track: Milkman*, from the album Fake Fruit, released March 5, 2021.
Oakland, CA. Indie punk.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2021!

Flor de Guayaba
Favorite track: Iré a Aprender, from the album Mujer, released May 28, 2021.
Concepción, Chile. Folk.

Flyying Colours
Favorite track: White Knuckles, from the album Fantasy Country, released February 26, 2021 on Club AC30.
Naarm, Australia. Indie psych pop.

Folly Group
Favorite track: Sand Fight, from the EP Awake and Hungry, released June 11, 2021.
London, England. Post punk.

For Tracy Hyde
Favorite track: Radio Days, from the album Ethernity, released February 17, 2021.
Tokyo, Japan. Indie alternative.

Francis of Delirium
Favorite track: I Think I’m Losing*, from the EP Wading, released April 9, 2021.
Luxembourg. Rock.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2021!

Francisca Figueroa
Favorite track: Susurros, from the EP Cruda, released February 19, 2021.
Mendoza, Argentina. Folklórico.

Favorite track: Fuck Up, from the album Raise Hell, released July 1, 2022.
London, England. Indie punk.


Gabriel Chakarji
Favorite track: Mina / San Millán, from the album New Beginning, released May 1, 2020.
New York City, NY. Jazz.

Favorite track: People Watching, from the EP Nothing You Do Matters, released October 5, 2022.
Chicago, IL. Alternative rock.

Favorite track: Tell Me You’ll Be Mine, from the EP Fringe, released March 2020.
Portland, OR. Indie americana.

Favorite track: Don’t Make Stevie Wonder, from the album Long Haired Locusts, released September 4, 2020.
Brooklyn, NY. Indie punk.

Grace Gillespie
Favorite track: Song for Nick Drake, from the album After The Harvest Moon, released November 27, 2020.
London, England. Folk.

Grandmas House
Favorite track: Pasty, from the EP Grandmas House, released October 15, 2021.
Bristol, England. Post punk.

Growing Pains
Favorite track: Drifting, from the album Heaven Spots, released Octover 23, 2020.
Eugene, OR. Alternative rock.


Healing Gems
Favorite track: Red Moon River, from the album Fiesta Pack, released July 24, 2020 on Mock Records.
Los Angeles, CA. Psychedelic lounge.

Favorite track: sheryl crow karaoke (dec thirteen), from the album december, released January 1, 2021.
Chicago, IL.

Hey Cowboy!
Favorite track: Detective Farmer Brown, from the album Get In My Fanny Pack and Let’s Go, released February 14, 2020.
Austin, TX. Indie pop.

High Step Society & Free Creatures
Favorite track: Sweet Tooth, single released August 4, 2021.
Eugene, OR. Pop.


I Met a Yeti
Favorite track: Red-Eyes B. Yeti, single released November 12, 2021.
Orlando, FL. Post hardcore.

Favorite track: × POW ! ×, from the album ❁ OASIS ❁, released November 10, 2023.
Vienna, Austria. Post punk.

Izaak Opatz
Favorite track: What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings), from the album Hot & Heavy-Handed, released December 11, 2020.
Glacier National Park, MT. Alt country.


Jennifer Castle
Favorite track: I’ll Never Walk Alone, from the album Monarch Season, released October 16, 2020.
Toronto, Canada.

Favorite track: Parking, from the album B-Sides, released November 3, 2023.
Baton Rouge, LA. Hip hop.

João Selva
Favorite track: Passarinho, from the album Passarinho, released February 3, 2023.
Lyon, France. Indie pop jazz.

Favorite track: Up In Flames, from the EP Hurricane Belle, released May 21, 2021.
London, England. Indie pop.

Jowan Safadi
Favorite track: هذا الوحش This Monster (with Haneen OD), single released April 27, 2023.
Haifa, Israel-occupied Palestine. Indie.

June McDoom
Favorite track: Babe, You light Me Up, from he EP June McDoom, released October 28, 2022.
New York City, NY. Alternative folk.


Karen y Los Remedios
Favorite track: Flama Eterna, from the album Silencio, released September 8, 2023 on ZZK Records.
Guanajuato, Mexico. Indie pop.

Karma Rivera
Favorite track: Miss Pressure, single released June 14, 2023.
Portland, OR. Hip hop.

Katherine Priddy
Favorite track: Indigo, from the album The Eternal Rocks Beneath, released June 25, 2021.
Birmingham, England. Folk.

Favorite track: C.R.E.A.M. (Colonizers Rot Everywhere Around Me), from the album Lehua, released July 14, 2020.
Lehua, HI. Hip hop.

Kavish Seth
Favorite track: Hindi Bole, single released July 12, 2023.
Mumbai, India. Folk.

Favorite track: Machiavelli, from the EP with FrxstyB, The Glacier Tapes: Volume One, released January 29, 2021.
London, England. Hip hop.

Keep For Cheap
Favorite track: Losing, single released June 17, 2021.
St. Paul, MN. Indie alternative.

King Hendrick$
Favorite track: Kick the Cup, from the album The Tale of King Hendrix, released July 20, 2023.
Houston, TX. Hip hop.

Kiss the Tiger
Favorite track: Motel Room*, from the album Vicious Kid, released June 3, 2021.
Minneapolis, MN. Rock.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2021!

Favorite track: Mama (Don’t Let Me), from the album Legacy, released September 2, 2022.
Bayonne, France. Afropop.


Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards
Favorite track: Treat You Better, from the album Bitter Better, released July 17, 2020.
Boston, MA. Folk pop.

Libby Rodenbough*
Favorite track: Gatekeeper**, from the album album Spectacle of Love, released May 29, 2020.
Durham, NC. Indie americana.
*Pet Door Show highlighted artist April 20, 2023!
**One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2020!

Favorite track: Zoza (ft. Buruklyn Boyz), from the album Maisha Ya Stunna, released December 13, 2023.
Nairobi, Kenya. Hip hop electropop.

Little Moon
Favorite track: Unphased, from the album Unphased, released February 21, 2020.
Provo, UT. Folk.


Favorite track: Road Song*, from the album I Just Want to Be Wild For You, released February 18, 2022.
Portland, OR. Indie rock.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2022!

Marika Sage
Favorite track: doyounotlisten (with Esgo), single released January 16, 2023.
Berkeley, CA. Indie pop.

maya ongaku
Favorite track: Something in Morning Rain, from the album Approach to Anima, released May 26, 2023 on Guruguru Brain.
Enoshima, Japan. Folk pop.

The McCharmlys
Favorite track: McCharmly Stomp!, from the EP The McCharmlys, released March 16, 2023.
Santa Ana, CA. Surf rock ’n’ roll.

Favorite track: El paletero, from the album Pablito, released June 30, 2020.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Hip hop.

Michael Olatuja
Favorite track: Lagos Pepper Soup (with Angélique Kidjo, Lionel Loueke), from the album, Lagos Pepper Soup, released August 21, 2020.
New York City, NY. Jazz.

La Misa Negra
Favorite track: Pistola (ft. Shae Fiol, Mireya Ramos), single released August 28, 2020.
Oakland, CA. Cumbia.

Misael González
Favorite track: Las Playas Son Del Pueblo (ft. Rashelle Amanda), single released March 9, 2023.
San Juan, Puerto Rico. Folk bomba.

Miss Kaninna
Favorite track: Blak Britney, single released May 4, 2023.
Lutruwita, Pawa land. Hip hop pop.

Favorite track: Bout Dat, from the EP Science, released September 10, 2021.
Minneapolis, MN. Jazz hip hop.

Moe Green
Favorite track: God’s Voice 2 (ft. Oakland Hearts), from the album Moe Green Rap Superstar, released December 4, 2020.
Vallejo, CA. Hip hop.

Moira Smiley & Voco
Favorite track: Wiseman, from the album In Our Voices, released February 19, 2021.
Bristol, VT. Folk.

Favorite track: O Brother, from the album Ghost Party, released February 18, 2022.
Athens, GA. Indie alternative.

Myrts Son
Favorite track: Bad Mood, from the album album Divine Intervention, released August 29, 2020.
Charlotte, NC. Hip hop.


Nakara Forjé
Favorite track: Healed Hoochie, single released December 14, 2022.
St. Paul, MN. Hip hop.

なきごと nakigoto
Favorite track: Summer noodle, from the album NAKIGOTO,, released January 11, 2023.
Tokyo, Japan. Indie J-Rock.

Nathan Graham
Favorite track: Somebody Else, from the album Saint of Second Chances, released October 20, 2023.
Chicago, IL. Indie americana.

Newgrounds Death Rugby
Favorite track: №1, from the album Pictures of Your Pets, released June 24, 2021.
Charleston, SC. Indie punk.

Favorite track: Busoga, from the album Kaloli, released June 12, 2020.
Kampala, Uganda. Experimental electronica.

Nuela Charles
Favorite track: Known Better — Live Session, single released July 12, 2021.
Edmonton, Canada. Pop.


O.N.E the Duo
Favorite track: River of Sins, from the album Blood Harmony, released August 11, 2023.
Nashville, TN. Country.

OG Blak
Favorite track: Real Gs Never Perish, from the album Street Poetry 2, released November 27, 2020.
Charlotte, NC. Hip hop.

脏手指 Oh! Dirty Fingers
Favorite track: 垃垃袋 The La-la Bag, from the album 多​米​力​高​威​威​维​利​星 Planet Dominic Vivavilli, released April 28, 2021.
Shanghai, China. Indie rock.

The Ophelias
Favorite track: Grand Canyon, from the EP For Luck, released August 26, 2020.
Cincinnati, OH. Indie rock.


Favorite track: Hangman, from the album Take the Cake, released May 21, 2021.
Toronto, Canada. Garage rock.

パソコン音楽クラブ Pasocom Music Club
Favorite track: Breathing, from the album Ambience, released August 7, 2020.
Japan. Electronica.

Pink Navel
Favorite track: XJ9, from the album EPIC, released August 25, 2021.
Pembroke, MA. Hip hop.

Favorite track: Rattekop, from the album IK, released April 28, 2023.
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Punk.

Favorite track: Die einfachen Botschaften, from the album Alles as ich noch hab sind meine Kompetenzen, released November 18, 2022.
Köln, Germany. Post punk.

Polar Lights
Favorite track: City, from the EP Hidden Kingdom, released February 12, 2021.
Dimapur, India. Electronica.

Favorite track: Chokecherry, from the album TV Baby, released April 9, 2021.
Toronto, Canada. Glitter punk.


Ramaj Eroc
Favorite track: Kemba Walker, single released January 20, 2023.
Los Angeles, CA. Hip hop.

The Retrograde
Favorite track: Dirty Daisy, single released July 15, 2022.
Tallahassee, FL. Psych rock.

Favorite track: Buzzsaw, from the album Marlo, released August 27, 2021.
Santa Ana, CA. Alternative rock.

Rocky G
Favorite track: Dogeater (ft. Free Lucy), from the album Filipinos in Space (with NugLife), released July 15, 2020.
San Francisco, CA. Hip hop.

Rolando Bruno y el Grupo Arevalo
Favorite track: Accidente Amazónico, from the album El Mundo Está Cumbiando, released November 22, 2022 on Groovie Records.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Rumba Madre
Favorite track: La Rumba del Coco, from the album, Prisiones y Fugas, released May 22, 2020.
Nashville, TN. Latin indie.

Ryan Pollie
Favorite track: On The Nose, from the album Stars, released December 10, 2021.
Los Angeles, CA. Bedroom pop.


Samahita Narang
Favorite track: Yeh Fasana, single released January 30, 2021.
New Delhi, India. Folk pop.

Favorite track: Perro, from the album Gestiones Fáciles, released November 25, 2022.
Barcelona, Spain. Punk.

Sean Ardoin
Favorite track: Gumbo Time, from the album Came Thru Pullin’, released June 19, 2020.
Lake Charles, LA. Zydeco pop.

Sekouba Kandia Kouyaté
Favorite track: Touyede (with L’ensemble Instrumental Chorale Nationale, ft. Banlieuz’art), single released March 12, 2021.
Conakry, Guinea. Folk.

The Seshen
Favorite track: Don’t Answer, from the album CYAN, released February 28, 2020.
Bay Area, CA. Indietronica.

Shirley Hurt
Favorite track: Problem Child, from the album Shirley Hurt, released December 2, 2022.
Toronto, Canada. Indie folk.

Signals Midwest
Favorite track: I Used to Draw, from the album DENT, released April 8, 2022.
Cleveland, OH. Alernative rock.

Sister Wife Sex Strike
Favorite track: All Roads Lead to Rome, from the album Sister Wives Strike Back (Deluxe), released August 11, 2023.
Seattle, WA. Folk punk.

Skylar Gudasz
Favorite track: Play Nice, from the album Cinema, released April 17, 2020.
Durham, NC. Indie folk.

Sour Widows
Favorite track: Look the Other Way, from the EP Crossing Over, released April 23, 2021.
Bay Area, CA. Alternative rock.

Favorite track: Bells*, from the album Change Is Bad, released April 3, 2020.
Chicago, IL. Noise punk.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2020!

Surely Tempo
Favorite track: Tell Me, from the EP Gray Skies, released February 11, 2022.
Santa Ana, CA. Punk rock.

The Sweet Lilies
Favorite track: My Brother’s Hill, from the album Common Ground, released June 4, 2021.
Boulder, CO. Folk country.

Swerve City
Favorite track: Alright Freestyle (ft. Mickey Factz), from the album G.P.S., released November 26, 2020.
Orlando, FL. Hip hop.

Favorite track: Falls on me, from the EP Sylvie, released October 1, 2021.
Los Angeles, CA. Indie soul.


Talking Ties
Favorite track: Extravagante, from the album Extravagante, released December 10, 2022.
Firenze, Italy. Folk jazz.

Tele Novella
Favorite track: One Little Pearl, from the album Merlynne Belle, released February 5, 2021.
Lockhart, TX. Folk country.

Favorite track: Joy, from the album My Heart Is An Open Field, released June 5, 2020.
Chicago, IL. Indie folk.

Favorite track: Fascist*, from the EP Hounds, released February 28, 2020.
Brooklyn, NY. Punk.
*One of the Pet Door Show Best of 2020!

Thank You, I’m Sorry
Favorite track: Slow Ghost, from the album I’m Glad We’re Friends, released Aug 21, 2020.
Minneapolis, MN. Alternative rock.

Thiago Ramil
Favorite track: Receita, from the album O Sol Marca o Andar do Tempo e a Imensidão do Universo Todo Dia, released April 29, 2021.
Porto Alegre, Brazil. Folk jazz.

Tiger Goods
Favorite track: Mentions, from the album Most Improved Award, released April 23, 2021.
Cincinnati, OH. Hip hop.

Tim Shiel
Favorite track: ​线​之​间 Body of Water (What Is Love), from the EP 触​即​发 Nervous Energy, (with 王萌 Mindy Meng Wang), released March 12, 2021 on Music in Exile.
Naarm, Australia. Electronica.

timothy Run
Favorite track: take it or Leave it, from the EP Songs From The Shelf, released June 11, 2021.
Manila, Philippines.

東京初期衝動 Tokyo Syoki Syodo
Favorite track: 梅毒 BAIDOKU, from the EP Love Again, released November 23, 2022.
Tokyo, Japan. Indie punk.

Tomo Nakayama
Favorite track: Tick Tock, from the album Melonday, released April 7, 2020.
Seattle, WA. Electropop.


Trianna Feruza
Favorite track: Try, from the EP Can’t Get Enough, released February 18, 2020.
Santa Cruz, CA. Indie pop.


Favorite track: Sha, single released November 4, 2022.
London, England. Folk rock.

Favorite track: Vex, from the EP Journal, released January 23, 2021.
Washington, DC. Hip hop R&B.


Vaudou Game
Favorite track: Tu as déconné, from the album Noussin, released June 11, 2021 on Hot Casa Records.
Lyon, France. Afrobeat.

Viv & Riley
Favorite track: On Account of You, from the album Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno, released March 12, 2021.
Portland, OR. Folk.


Wolfgang Muthspiel
Favorite track: I’ll Remember April, from the album Angular Blues (with Scott Colley, Brian Blade), released March 20, 2020.
Vienna, Austria. Jazz.

wych elm
Favorite track: Executioner, from the EP Rabbit Wench, released September 24, 2021.
Bristol, England. Indie post punk.


Yumi Ito
Favorite track: Unwritten Stories, from the album Stardust Crystals, released December 9, 2020.
Basel, Switzerland. Indie jazz.

Yves Jarvis
Favorite track: In Every Mountain, from the album Sundry Rock Song Stock, released September 25th, 2020.
Montréal, Canada. Indie folk.

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